i need more blaine and burt fics in my life-

I want for next year Burt to open his house to Blaine, who is having difficulties at home- and for Sam and Blaine to become like brothers, And for Burt to really miss Kurt and Finn who have both left the nest to pursue their dreams, Kurt has an internship somewhere and Finn goes to LA with Puck- they’re driving there together and picking up work on the way- but whilst Burt misses his boys- he has these other two boys at home who have their own problems and personalities- as well as his political career 

and I want for Sam and Blaine to butt heads- but also for them to be really sweet- like Blaine shyly asks Sam if he could teach him to play guitar- and Sam has trouble with school because of his dyslexia and Blaine helps him out and they’re both so critical of themselves but proud of each other, and please someone write this for me?

(not blam romantic shipping… canon couples, major family feels- the more blangst the better!) 

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